Wawa Franchise

The Wawa franchise is a great way to enter the convenience store business. It offers franchisees a convenient and reliable source of income with minimal overhead costs, an established brand name, and the expertise of a successful team.

Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to join the Wawa franchise family can expect fees, profit potential, total investment requirements, training opportunities, restrictions on operations, renewal terms, and return on investment expectations that come with being part of this popular franchise system.

In this article, we’ll discuss all these details so you can make an informed decision about whether or not becoming a Wawa franchisee is the best move for your business. Read on to learn more about what it takes to own and operate a Wawa store!

Wawa Franchise
Wawa Franchise

About the Wawa

Wawa is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations. It is the largest store chain and the third-largest food retailer in Greater Philadelphia.

The “Wawa” is the native American word for the Canada Goose, founded in the Delaware Valley over 100 years ago.

They originally built a dairy farm on land in a rural area of Pennsylvania known as Wawa. That’s why they use a goose symbol on Wawa’s corporate logo.

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History of Wawa

The company was founded by George Wood as an iron foundry in New Jersey in 1803. But, Wood’s interest changed towards diary, and in 1890, he began the Wawa Dairy Farm.

In 1902, the wood milk business became a massive success due to its quality and certified process, as he imported the cow from the British Crown.

In the 1960s, when the demand for buying milk in the store increased and demand for using home-delivery milk declined, Wood’s grandson, Grahame, opened the first Wawa food market in 1964.

Wawa is named America’s most beloved convenience store by a market force study of 7000 consumers.

It is your all-day, every-day stop for fresh beverages, Surcharge-free ATMs, coffee, fuel, and built-to-order foods.

Wawa company has a chain of more than 800 conveniences retail stores, out of which 450 offer gasoline, located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Delaware, and Virginia.

Wawa also offers extensive Fresh food services, including hot breakfast sandwiches, snacks, freshly-brewed coffee, soups, and snacks.

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Why is Wawa so famous?

Wawa is famous for various reasons, but the chain’s commitment to customer satisfaction is among them. Wawa consistently ranks high in customer surveys and has a reputation for clean, well-stocked stores and friendly employees.

Additionally, Wawa’s food offerings are generally seen as superior to those of other convenience store chains. Finally, the chain’s widespread availability in the Northeast United States makes it a convenient option for many consumers.

Where is the biggest Wawa?

The answer may surprise you – the biggest Wawa is in Pennsylvania, United States! This massive convenience store spans a whopping 10,000 square feet and offers everything from made-to-order meals to all your favorite snacks and drinks. If you’re ever in the area, check it out!

Is WAWA profitable?

Yes, WAWA was profitable in 2021. The company reported a net income of $205 million for the year. This was up from a net income of $191 million in 2020. WAWA attributed its profitability to solid sales and cost-saving measures. The company plans to continue investing in its stores and expanding its product offerings to drive growth in the future.

Business Model for Wawa Franchise

Many people are curious about the Wawa franchise. But the reality is Wawa company does not offer franchises.

You can’t own the franchise presently. If you want to know anything else about Wawa Franchise, you can get the details from the company website.

A form is available on the website; you can fill it out and send your query to the admin. They will reply to your question.

Wawa Alternative

Founded In19131993  
Initial InvestmentN/A$50,000 to $1,000,000
Total Outlets2,13053,000
Annual Revenue$121.1 Billion $78.748 Billion 


Where was Wawa founded?

Wawa was founded in Folsom, Pennsylvania, United States.

How much is Wawa worth today?

As of 2022, Wawa’s worth is $ 11 million.

How do you get a Wawa franchise?

Currently, Wawa does not offer franchise opportunities.

Is Wawa a Franchise or Corporation?

Wawa has been privately owned since it began its operation back in 1964. All Wawa stores have been company-owned since then. Wawa does not offer franchising

How much does a Wawa franchise cost?

Since Wawa is a privately held company, no information about franchise costs is available.

Who is the owner of Wawa?

Wawa Inc. owns Wawa, a privately held company founded in 1964 by Grahame Wood. The company’s headquarters is located in Wawa, Pennsylvania, and it operates over 800 convenience stores throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

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