Are Airlines Profitable 2024?

Airline Industry Outlook

The US airline industry is one of the largest markets in the airline industry. It has about a third of all airports in the world- 15,000 airports of all sizes.

Types Of Airline Companies In US

1. Alaska Airlines 2. Delta Air Lines 3. Virgin America 4. JetBlue Airlines 5. American Airlines

How Do Airlines Make Money?

The revenue of airlines includes cost of airfare, fees and other travel expenses. Around 60% of the revenue comes from the passengers directly while 40% comes from selling flyer miles to credit card companies.

Net Profit Of Airlines

2019: $26.4 billion 2020: -$137.7 billion 2021: -$42 billion 2022: -$6.9 billion 2023 $4.7 billion

Reasons Airlines Are Struggling

1. Exotic Events 2. Unprofitable airlines in business 3. High Fixed & Variable Costs

Profitabilty Of Airlines By Region

North America: $11.3 billion European Carriers: $5.1 billion Latin America: -$1.4 billion African Carries: -$0.5 billion Middle-East Carriers: $2.0 billion

Are Airlines Profitable?

There are several factors that affected the profitability of airline industry. But what hitted it the most was COVID-19 and the industry is still recovering from the loss.