Are Cruise Ships Profitable?

Cost To Start A Cruise Ship

Although this amount can vary, you can expect to spend $1 Million to build a Cruise Ship on Mega Scale.

Cost To Operate A Cruise Ship

Fuel is the major cost in operating a Cruise, costing $80,000 to around $2 million per day, followed by salaries, maintenance, food & drinks, etc.

Profit Margin Of Cruise Ships

Despite considerable expenses such as travel commissions, marketing, fuel, and payroll, Cruise Ship owners are able to enjoy net profit margins of 17%.

Cruise Ship Business Earnings

Although this number could vary, Cruise Ship generates a whopping annual revenue of $200 million to $300. 

Most Profitable Cruise Line

With $22.86 billion in revenue, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is the most profitable cruise Line

Cruise Ship Earnings Compared to Hotels

Successful cruise ships make more profits as compared to large chain of hotels.

Are Cruise Ships Profitable, but?

Your cruise ship will be profitable if it runs on at least 70% capacity. Or else you might incur huge losses.