8 Best Credit Card Machines For Small Businesses In 2024

What Is A Credit Card Reader?

A credit card reader is a machine that many businesses use to process the debit and credit card transaction.

What Is A Credit Card Reader?

The credit card can be a physical instrument connected to a mobile or a computer device.

Criterias To Choose The Best Credit Card Machine

1. No Contract Or Hidden Fees 2. Easy To Use 3. Compatibility 4. Trial Period & Warranty 5. In Budget 5. Flexibility

Types Of Credit Card Transaction Fees

1. Payment Process Fees 2. Assessment Or Service Fees 3. Interchange Fees

Cost Of Credit Card Terminal

Mobile Card Reader: $10-$130 Traditional Terminal: $150-$500 Smart Terminal: $350-$800 Integrated POS: $800-$1,900

Best Credit Card Machine For Small Businesses

1. eHopper 2. Clover 3. Square 4. ShopKeep By Lightspeed 5. Toast 6. Zettle By PayPal 7. Shopify 8. Stripe