10 Best DTF Printers For Small Business In 2024

What Is DTF Printer?

DTF or Direct-To-Film printing is a digital printing technology that is specifically designed to print on garments or fabric painting.

Advantages Of DTF Printers

1. Versatile 2. Offer-High Resolution 3. Produce Vibrant Colors

How To Choose Best DTF Printer?

1. Set Your Needs 2. Research The Market 3. Cost Of Ownership 4. After-Sale-Service 5. Technical Support

The Cost Of DTF Printing (Cost Per Print)

The price of the DTF printing depends on the base price, film, adhesive cost, design charge and quantity discount. On average the cost per print ranges between $3-$8 depending on the area and level of competition.

Factors Affecting The DTF Printing Cost

1. Material & Color Of T-shirt 2. Quality Of Glue And Film 3. Design And Complexity 4. Order Quantity

Difference Between DTF & UV DTF Printers

UV DTF Printers use UV-curable inks that are transferred using ultravoilet light. On the other hand, DTF Printers use heat mechanism to transfer the ink from the fil to fabric.

10 Best DTF Printers For Small Businesses

1. Epson SureColor F3070 DTF Printer 2. Brother GTX Pro B 3. Maverick AIO DTF Printer 4. Ricoh Rі 1000 5. Kornit Presto 6. PUNEHOD A3+ 7. PLK L1800 A3 8. DSV L1800 DTF 9. PLK XP600 10. PUNEHOD A4 DTF Printer L805