9 Best Franchise Attorneys In 204

1. Joshua Marks

Joshua Marks is the founder of JM Law Group, 2009. He founded the firm with the mission to contentrate of the business and commercial real estate on behalf of small business, and entrepreneurs.

2. Evan M. Goldman

Evan M. Goldman is a prominent partner and co-chair of the Franchise Law Practice Group at Greenspoon Marder LLP.

3. Joseph C. Wasch

Joseph C. Wasch brings over 35 years of experince and invaluable insight on the table. In 2007, he established his solo practice serving a apart-time general counsel to small businesses.

4. Adam Gruder Wasch

Adam Gruder Wasch is the founder and partner of dynamic business the Franchise Law Firm LLP. He has a keen understanding of the challenges faced by the franchisors and franchisees.

5. Janet Martin 

Janet Martin is an attoirney who has experince for over 30 years. She has been catering the needs of the franchisors and franchisees in Orange County and throughout California.

6. Francisco Ramos 

Francisco Ramos is an attorney at West Coast Trial Lawyers. Before joining the firm, he worled for a boutique company where he handled a variety of employment-related litigations.

7. Kat Tidd

Kat Tidd has been a fomidable force in the realm of franchise and business opportunity laws ever since she founded the Law Offices Of Tidd in Dallas, Texas, 1994.

8. Richard Eldredge

Richard Eldredge is a name in the legal industry and is often hailed as the legal magician. He has served full time in Brazil encompassing over 9,000 serving hours.

9. Robert M. Galloway

Robert M. Galloway is a distinguished legal professional who is committed to learn continuously. Mr. Galloway is named the Best Lawyer’s 2016 Mobile Tax Law “Lawyer of the Year”.