10 Best Phone Systems For Small Businesses In 2024

What Is A Business Phone System?

A business phone system is a communication platform that allows unlimited calling, automated menus, call recordings, and calling multiple employess at the same time.

Types Of Business Phone System

1. Virtual Phone System 2. Landline System 3. VoIP Phone System 4. On-Premise VoIP System

How To Choose The Right Phone System?

1. Determine The Needs  2. Market Research 3. Experiment & Free Trials 4. Get Quotes 5. Read Customer Reviews

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Phone System

1. Number Of Users 2. Training Costs 3. Features Required 4. Phone Model

Cost Of Phone System

The cost of a phone systme can vary depending on the phone system model. On average the cost of a phone system is $15 for a barebone plan, and for an enterprise, it costs around $35 per month. 

Cost Of Phone System

Analog Phones: $500-$2000/users Hosted VoIP: $10-$60/user/month Key Phone System: $400-$500

Best Phone System For Small Businesses

1. Nextiva 2. Zoom Phone 3. RingCentral 4. Vonage 5. Ooma Office 6. Grasshopper 7. Go To Connect 8. Open Phone 9. 8x8 10. Google Voice