Did Google Invest In Uber?

Did Google Invest in Uber?

Google invested $258 million in Uber in the year 2013 and integrated Uber into Google Maps in the next year

Google & Uber were like "Brothers" once

The two companies shared such a familial relationship that Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, described the relationship as “like big brother and little brother.”

But this Happened Next.. 

The relationship between the “two brothers” began to sour in 2015 when Uber hired a team of self-driving engineers from Carnegie Mellon University.

Uber ended up in a costly court settlement

In 2015, Waymo accused Uber of poaching its best self-driving car engineer, Anthony Levandowski. Things went downhill after this, resulting in a court settlement in 2018.

What Happened When Google Sued Uber?

As per the plea deal, Levandowski was asked to pay $95,000 as a fine and $757,000 in restitution to Google.

Does Google Own Uber?

Google does not own Uber outright, but Google’s venture capital company, Google Ventures, invested over $258 million in Uber, giving them ownership of 5%-6% of Uber’s company.

Who Owns Uber?

Uber is a publicly traded company, which means it is not owned by a single individual and instead is owned and managed by a group of shareholders.

How's the Current Relation Between Google & Uber?

In February 2023, Google announced a partnership where Uber will migrate its critical infrastructure to Google Cloud to take advantage of Google’s capabilities.