How Much Do Bar Owners Make?

Cost to Open a Bar

The first startup costs of any bar can range anywhere from $100,000 to $850,000.

Permits You Need to Open a Bar

– Business License – Music License  – Signage Permit – Resale Permit – Live Entertainment License  – Certificate of Occupancy – Liquor License

Factors Affecting Bar Owners’ Income

- Type Of Products You Sell - Location Of The Bar - Size - The Atmosphere

Average Profit Margin of Bars

The average profit margin for most bars is anywhere between 50% to 80%, a huge number compared to any other industry.

Average Money Bar Employees Earn

The average bar staff salary in the United States is $12.70 per hour or close to $30,000 annually.

How Much Does A Small Bar Make A Night?

On average, a small bar makes about $900 to $1,000 a night.

Average Income Of Bar Owners

There are a lot of factors deciding a bar’s income in any given month or year. Even seasonal changes could affect your income.