How Much Do Dispensary Owners Make?

Average Profit Margin of Dispensary Owners

Many dispensary owners pocket 10% of annual profit, but in some cases, this number can go higher, about 15%.

Earnings of a Dispensary Employee

The average falls between $12.50 per hour for an apprentice, which is generally the lowest, to $21.80 per hour for a manager, which is generally the highest.

Factors Affecting Dispensary Owner’s Income

1. Location 2. Competition 3. Marketing 4. Added Values

Tips To Maximize Dispensary Income

1. Research your competition. 2. Offer plenty of products. 3. Focus on setting right price. 4. Follow the trends of the technology.

Cost To Open Dispensary

The costs range anywhere from $100,000 to $2 million on average, from small dispensaries to big franchise dispensaries.

Average Income Of Dispensary Owners

The thing about dispensary business is that their revenues and the dispensary owner’s income don’t change as much as we see in other industries.