How Much Do DSP Owners Make?

What Is Amazon DSP?

In Amazon DSP program, Amazon employs and trains interested individuals to start a package delivery system exclusively for products ordered on Amazon.

This is What Amazon DSP Owners Do

DSP owners are responsible for managing delivery vans, drivers, and administration staff who are delivering packages for Amazon.

Benefits of Being an Amazon DSP Owner

- Hands-on training - Steady demand - Low start-up cost - Good income

Initial Investment

The initial cost of starting an Amazon DSP business is $10,000. 

Amazon DSP Driver Salary

The top DSP drivers make as much as $19.23, and the lowest earning DSP drivers make $9.62.

How Much Do DSP Owners Make?

The earnings of Amazon DSP owners vary greatly as Amazon’s payment structure is calculated based on the number of vehicles, number of successful deliveries, route length, etc.