How Much Does A Self-Storage Franchise Cost?

Reasons people use self-storage units

– Moving – Decluttering – Storing a vehicle – College Storage – Business Storage – Home renovations – Military Living

Types Of Self-Storage Units

– Indoor Storage Units - Outdoor Storage Units - Common Storage Units

Pros of Self-Storage Franchising

– Good use of space - Steady Income - Low Maintenance Costs

Cons of Self-Storage Franchising

– Maintenance Costs - Repair Costs - Market Saturation - Exposure To Economic Downturns

Profit Storage Unit Owners Make

On average, a storage unit owner earns $184,500 annually.

Self-Storage Franchise is Best For

- Professionals - Entrepreneurs - Real Estate Investors - Families Or Couples - Existing Self-Storage Owners

Self-Storage Franchise Cost

Every company has different requirements for initial investments, franchise fees, net worth requirements, royalty fees, and advertising-fee.