How Much Does Automatic Car Wash Cost?

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Automatic Car Wash

- Vehicle Size - Location - Additional Services - Products Used

Comparison Of Car Wash Costs

- Automatic Car Wash: $10-$20 - Touchless Car Wash: $10-$30 - Hand Car Wash: $20-$30 - Full-Service Car Wash: $50-$125 - Mobile Car Wash: $30-$325 - Self-Service Car Wash: $7-$15

Tips To Save Money On Automatic Car Wash

- Look for loyalty packages -  Monthly subscriptions - Coupons - Car washes with gas stations

Is Automatic Car Wash Expensive?

If your budget is less than $10 per wash, then an automatic car wash could be expensive for you.

Which Car Wash Is Better?

An automatic car wash is quite good because it’s fast, efficient, cleans well, and is quite cheap, but depending on your budget or goals, another car wash could be a better fit for you.

Average Cost of Automatic Car Wash

On average, a single automatic car wash cost could be anywhere between $10 to $25.