How Much Does An EV Charging Station Franchise Cost?

EV Charging Industry Outlook

According to the US Department of Alternative Fuel Data Center,  there are 51,000 public EV charging stations in the country. Among this, the global EV leader, Tesla has more than 400,000 superchargers across the globe.

What Is EV Charging Station?

Electric charging stations are a source of electricity for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. These stations are also called electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Types Of EV Charging 

1. Level 1- Standard Wall Outlet 2. Level 2- 240- Volt Outlet-Dryer Plug 3. DC Fast Charging

Benefits Of EV Charging Franchise

1. Low-Investment 2. Financial Stability 3. Competitive Edge 4. Eco-Friendly

Factors Affecting EV Charging Station Cost

1. Location 2. Infrastructure Cost 3. Competition 4. Pricing And Revenue Model 5. Market Saturation

Guide To Start An EV Charging Station

1. Pick A Location 2. Research & Choose A Brand 3. Set Up Charging Station 4. Market The Charging Station 5. Generate Revenue

Funding Options For EV Charging Station

There are many funding options available such as: 1. Business or Landowner Fund 2. Hybrid (partially funded) model 3. Fully funded EV Charging

EV Charging Station Franchise Cost

The price of EV charging station franchise depends on verious factors like number of chargers, types of charges such as fast charging or level 1 / level 2 chargers.