Is AGNC Going Out Of Business 2024?

About AGNC Investment Corp

AGNC is a real estate investment trust. It deals in commercial and residential backed-government mortgages.

History Of AGNC Investment Corp

AGNC was founded in 2008 in the midst of The Great Financial Crisis. It was established when the owners of the company saw the opportunity to create the best-in class agency MBS investor.

Fianancial Position Of AGNC 

Total Assets: $51,748,000 Total Liability: $43,878,000 Total Revenue: $-1,116,000 Pretax income: $-1,190,000

Top Shareholders Of AGNC

1. Vanguard Group Inc. 2. Blackrock Inc. 3. State Street Corporation 4. Geode Capital 5. Equity Investment

Top Mutual Fund Holders Of AGNC

1. iShare Mortgage 2. Allspring Special Small Cap 3. Fidelity Extended Market 4. Vanguard Total Stock 5. Vanguard Small Cap

Should You Invest In AGNC Stock?

According to the experts, the issue with AGNC stock is that the company is a mortgage REIT, which is a bit complicated than the traditional property-owning REIT.

Is AGNC Going Out Of Business?

Despite struggling through years, AGNC finished 2023 with strong numbers but nothing can be said about whether it will close or continue the business.