Is Amazon Profitable Without AWS?

What Is AWS?

AWS is the most comprehensive cloud in the world that offers more than 200 fully featured services from data centers around the world.

Amazon Profit Breakdown

Amazon has three operating profit segments, namely: North America, International, and AWS.

AWS Contribution In Amazon’s Profit

Amazon’s e-commerce and retail operations are driving profit; however, AWS has been the real cash cow for Amazon

AWS Contribution In Amazon’s Profit

AWS contributes only 14% of Amazon’s revenue, but it is still a very important part of Amazon’s overall earnings and performance

Future of AWS Looks Bright!

Rumours has it that AWS will surpass Amazon and will turn into an individual entity since it is so widely utilized.

AWS' Contribution in Amazon's Profit

AWS contributed to a total operating profit of $23 Billion in 2022 towards Amazon.

Is Amazon Profitable Without AWS?

The part that AWS plays in Amazon’s overall profitability can be seen in the company’s 2022 financial performance. Amazon removed AWS in 2022 and was not profitable in that year, incurring $10.6 billion in operating losses.