Is Atlas Earth Profitbale 2024?

About Atlas Earth

Atlas Earth is one of those few online games where you can buy, sell and rent virtual real estate. Atlas Earth looks like a virtual-representation that takes place in the metaverse.

About Atlas Earth

The app allows users to buy virtual lands size of 900 square feet at a time. And as you buy more land, you can incraese your ranking from mayor, governer or the president.

How Much Does Atlas Earth Pay?

Atlas Earth pays rent in USD for running ads, whereas a standard land pays you $.0000000015 per second for 365 days whether you are online or not.

How Much Does Atlas Earth Makes?

The gaming platform Atlas Earth makes money by selling you the game’s currency called “Atlas Bucks” for $5 per 100 bucks. Another way by which Atlas Earth makes money is through advertising.

Features Of Atlas Earth

1. Hold 900 square feet of land 2. Earn free parcels  3. Withdraw money via PayPal 4. Get more profit by holding land

Is Atlas Earth Profitable?

Atlas Earth is a somewhat unique concept game based on the concept of Metaverse. but it is not really profitable, given the amount of time that is required to make money from it