Is Atlas Earth Profitable?

Atlas Earth In A Nutshell

Atlas Earth looks like a real-world virtual representation that takes place in the metaverse and is like a combination of Monopoly and PokemonGo.

How Much Rent Does Atlas Earth Pays?

Atlas Earth pays rent in USD for running ads, whereas a standard land pays you $.0000000015 per second for 365 days whether you are online or not.

Here's How Users Make Money

When the user spends money within the game and watches ads, Atlas Earth sets aside a portion of its ad revenue for the user

How Much Can You Make?

$47.45 is the lowest return that you will get by investing $100 in a year. By investing more, you can increase your earnings on Atlas Earth.

Is Atlas Earth A Scam?

If you are using Atlas Earth for investment purposes, then it is not the best or the safest option.

Is Atlas Earth Profitable?

You can make money on Atlas Earth, but the amount is not that high.