Is Bang Going Out Of Business 2024?

The Rise Of Bang

Bang was launched when Jack Owoc envisioned creating an energy drink that will revolutionize the energy drink market.

Lawsuits Against Bang

Bang claimed that their drinks are “20 times more effective at reaching the brain than other types of creatine,” which was a false advertisement.

Will Monster Acquire Bang?

Recently, the Monster Energy agreed to acquire Bang for a whopping $362 million. They even won the bankruptcy court’s approval to acquire their rival Bang Energy out of Chapter 11.

Why Did Bang Filed For Bankruptcy?

Several companies, including PepsiCo, Monster Energy, etc., have sued Vital Pharmaceuticals, the parent company of Bang, for different reasons increasing its debt.

Is Bang Going Out Of Business?

Bang has a huge debt but if it let its rival Monster Energy  acquire the company then it can be saved or else it will shut down.