Is Bang Going Out Of Business 2024?

The Rise of Bang Energy 

Bang Energy drinks have been in the market since 2012, it was not until 2019 that the brand first saw its revenue hitting the ceiling by making $1.3 billion in revenue.

The Fall of Bang Energy 

Because of false advertisements, Bang started garnering controversies and soon found itself in legal battles, which all led to its destruction.

Bang Energy Filed for Bankruptcy

Bang owed PepsiCo $115 Million, Monster Energy $293 Million, and $175 million to Orange Bang. Then, a final lawsuit by Sony led the company into massive debt and bankruptcy in 2022.

Monster to acquire Bang Energy

Recently, Monster Energy agreed to acquire Bang Energy for a whopping $362 Million.

Who Owns Monster Energy?

Monster Energy was created by Hansen Natural company, which is called Monster Beverage Corporation now and is owned by the same.

Is Bang Going Out of Business?

Monster Energy has agreed to acquire Bang, and if Bang lets its rival take over, then it can be saved.