Is Chewy Profitable 2024?

Chewy Company Overview

Founded in June 2011, Chewy is a popular American e-commerce retailer that sells pet supplies, pet food and treats, medications, etc.

Chewy's Market Share

Chewy has 41% market share and is the biggest pet care pharmacy in the world.

Chewy's Major Revenue Driver

Chewy receives 73% of its revenue from its subscription-based service.

Challenges That Chewy Is Facing

1. Competition 2. Customer Growth 3. Low Profit Margin

Chewy's Financial Performance

2023 was also a significant year for Chewy as they saw a positive operating income. Although their operating income margin was quite low, 0.4%

Is Chewy Profitable?

Chewy managed to achieve only 13.6% growth in 2023 as compared to its growth of 24.4% in 2022 and 47.4% in 2021.