Is Coldwater Creek Going Out Of Business 2024?

About Coldwater Creek

Coldwater Creek is a beloved American  catalog and digitally native retailer of women's apparels, accessories and home decor.

About Coldwater Creek

It was founded by Dennis and Ann Pence. They started with a direct mail business and millions of catalogs were mailed to the customers.

Revenue Of Coldwater Creek Over The Years

2013: $742.4 million 2012: $773 million 2011: $981.1 million 2010: $1038.5 million

The Reason Of Downfall

Coldwater Creek has been through all the struggles from liquadation to rebirth. After the company went bankrupt, Sycamore Partners acquired it and the business was going well.

The Reason Of Downfall

However, the outbreak of COVID-19 broke the bank of Coldwater Creek. The sales also went stagnant decreasing the revenue of the company.

New Owners Of Coldwater Creek

NewTimes Group bought the assets of the company for $12.2 million. This makes NewTimes Group the new owner of the company.

The Assets In Sale

The assets sold by the Coldwater Creek includes: 1. Fabric Patterns 2. Bestsellers 3. Inventory 4. Intellectual Property 5. Other Assets

Is Coldwater Creek Going Out Of Business?

Coldwater Creek has been acquired by NewTime Group which has no plans to shut down the online operations of the company.