Is Hulu Profitable 2024?

What Is Hulu?

Hulu is the premium VOD content streamer. It was founded in 2009 by NBCUniversal executives Beth Comstock and Jason Killar.

What Is Hulu?

In 2009, it managed to raise over $100 million in funds. Then by 2017, it became the most popular live TV streaming service in the United States.

Annual Revenue Of Hulu

2019: $4.5 billion 2020: $7.2 billion 2021: $9.6 billion 2022: $10.7 billion 2023: $11.2 billion

How Much Hulu Cost A Month?

The prices of Hulu starts from $8 and goes upto $90 a month to top tier plans with live TV. It also offers add-ons but you have to pay extra for them.

Who Owns Hulu?

Hulu is owned by Comcast but recently Disney acquired 33% majoirty stakes in Hulu  for $8.6 billion. Therefore, the owner of Hulu is now Disney.

Annual Subscribers Of Hulu

2019: 25 million 2020: 32 million 2021: 41 million 2022: 45 million 2023: 48.2 million

Future Of Hulu And Disney+

Disney now owns most of the Hulu. It already has plans to launch a platform  combining both platforms Hulu & Disney Plus. This will increase the engagement, and reduce customer acquistion cost.

Hulu Live TV Subscribers

2019: 2 million 2020: 3.3 million 2021: 3.8 million 2022: 4.1 million 2023: 4.4 million

Is Hulu Profitable?

Hulu is the fastest-growing video-on demand streaming platform. According to the reports, Netflix and Hulu are the only two major streaming platforms that made profit by the end of 2022.