Is Huntington Bank Going Out Of Business 2024?

Who Founded Huntington Bank?

Huntington Bancshares is a full-service banking provider that was founded in 1866 in Columbus, Ohio.

Currently Huntington Operates in 11 States

Huntington primarily operates across eleven states, namely Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, and has over 1,000 branches in the aforementioned eleven states.

Huntington Is Closing Branches

Hungtington Bank recently announced that it will be closing down 34 of its branches in early 2024 which includes seven locations in Ohio and three in Cleveland.

Why Is Huntington Bank Closing?

ALl closures and new openings are a part of many businesses as this helps them trim down unnecessary costs and turn a profit.

Huntington’s Bank Annual Revenue 2023

In 2023, for the twelve months ending June 30, it made $9.700B in revenue, showing an increase of 39.63%.

Is Huntington Bank Going Out Of Business?

The 34 locations that Huntington is set to close in the first three months of 2024 represent 3% of the Huntington branches.