Is Jaclyn Cosmetics Closing 2024?

About Jaclyn Cosmetics

Jaclyn Cosmetics is a beauty brand that was founded by Jaclyn Hill, a famous influencer with over 8.8 million followers on Instagram and 5.53 million subscribers on YouTube.

Jaclyn Cosmetics' Disastrous Debut

In early May 2019, shortly after Jaclyn Cosmetics was launched, customers started backlashing as they complained about receiving hairy and lumpy lipsticks and other products.

Jaclyn Cosmetics' Disastrous Debut

Although these customers were refunded, the disastrous debut left a lasting negative impression on customers.

Forma Brands filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Forma Brands, the parent company of Jaclyn Cosmetics filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy  in 2023.

But Then it Got Saved!

In March 2023, Forma Brands was acquired by Jefferies Finance and Cerberus Capital Management in exchange for $690 million in debt relief.

Is Jaclyn Cosmetics Closing?

Jaclyn Cosmetics is all set to close down officially by 31st January 2024, and all the products are being sold for 50% off, which customers can place orders for until the stock lasts.