Is Metal Detecting Profitable 2024?

What Is Metal Detecting?

Metal detecting involves using a metal detecting machine to detect anything valuable, be it coins, gold, or other valuable objects in the ground.

Categories Of Metal Detecting

- Gold Hunting - Coin Hunting - Jewelry Hunting - Finding Cache - Relic Hunting

Ways To Make Money With Metal Detecting

- Offer & Sell Your Services - Work For A Company - Publish Blogs Or Books - Start A YouTube Channel - Offer Clean Up Services - Create A Course - Get Into Forensic Work

Metal Detector Cost

Typically, you can purchase a decent metal detector for anywhere between $200 and $600.

How Much Do Metal Detectors Make?

A metal detector can make maybe just $20 a week to a couple of thousand, depending on what they find.

Is Metal Detecting Profitable?

No, Metal Detecting is only profitable when you end up discovering gold nuggets, precious jewelry, or other items.