Is Mint Going Out Of Business 2024?

About Mint

Mint or Intuit Mint is a personal finance management wesbite and mobile app operating in US and Canada.

About Mint

It was initially introduced by Aron Patzpr in 2006. Mint was formerly known as It is the top online budgeting tool with 3.6 million active users in 2021.

Who Owns Mint?

In 2009, Intuit acquired Mint. This company also owns TurboTax, Quickbooks, and Credit Karma.

How Does Mint App Works?

Mint app allows its users to set a monthly budget and budget by category and link their spending accounts to the service. It eased up the process of tracking each expense.

The Controversy Of Mint

Mint requires its customer to provide the userneame and password of all the bank accounts, credit cards and other financial accounts.

The Controversy Of Mint

This raised concerns among the customers that if Mint database gets hacked then all these information will be accessed by a rogue third party.

The Deal Of JP Morgan And Mint

Intuit and JP Morgan Chase settled on a dispute and agreed to develop a software where only Chase's customers will send their information.

Why is Mint Closing?

The parent company of Mint, Intuit want to focus on Credit Karma which has more features than Mint. The company gave users 2 months to gather all the information from the app.

Alternatives Of Mint

1. Monarch Money 2. Honeydue 3. PocketGuard App 4. Simplifi By Quicken 5. Rocket Money

Is Mint Going Out Of Business?

Mint is a popular app for finance management. However, the parent company of Mint, Intuit has other plans for the company.