Is Owning A Cemetery Profitable 2024?

Cost to Start a Cemetery Business

The startup cost of a cemetery ranges between $80,000 to $250,000 or even more.

How Does a Cemetry Make Money?

1. Gravestone Installments 2. Funeral Home Services 3. Extra Maintenance 4. Opening And Closing Services

Pros of Owning a Cemetery

1. Limited Supply 2. Increased Demand 3. Recession Proof 4. Tax Deductions

How to Start a Cemetery?

1. Name Your Business 2. Develop A Business Plan 3. Make a Legal Structure 4. Secure Funds 5. Register The Cemetery

How to Start a Cemetery?

6. Get A Business License 7. Get A Business Insurance 8. Buy Cemetery Equipment 9. Develop Marketing Plan 10. Open the Business

Is Owning A Cemetery Profitable?

The average salary for higher-ups in a cemetery is about $76,000. So yes, owning a Cemtery is profitable.