Is Patreon Profitable 2024?

Who Founded Patreon?

The company was founded in 2013 by developers Jack Conte (Founder & CEO) and Sam Yam (Co-Founder & CTO).

Patreon’s Business Model

Patreon runs on a commission-based business model with three plans that cater to the different needs of the creators on the platform.

Annual Revenue of Patreon

The company does not make its revenue public; but it is estimated that its revenue is $194.7M per year.

Patreon’s Valuation

Currently, the valuation of Patreon is estimated at $4 billion and has tripled since 2020.

Annual Earnings of Creators on Patreon

The overall creator earnings on Patreon has doubled since 2019. And creators make a combined total of over $2 billion on Patreon.

Is Patreon Profitable?

By looking at the estimated growing revenue of the company, we believe the company is growing and going on the right track.