Is Twitch Profitable?

Twitch Streamers Earnings

Twitch streamer earns between $3,000 to $5,000 on a monthly basis from only subscriptions and ad streaming.

Twitch’s Revenue 2023

In the second quarter of 2023, Twitch made 29.95 million via in-app purchases globally.

Who Owns Twitch?

Currently, Amazon owns Twitch, and they bought the company in August 2014 after winning over an agreement with Google and Yahoo.

Twitch Users Statistics

There were 2.58 million concurrent viewers on Twitch in 2022, showing a 6% decrease from 2021.

Twitch Streamers Statistics

In 2022, 7.6 million Twitch accounts streamed once a month.

Most Viewed Games On Twitch

League of Legends is the most viewed game on Twitch followed by Fortnite & Grand Theft Auto.

Is Twitch Profitable?

Twitch platform’s costs are too high, and some creators believe that the current payments they receive are already excessive.