Is US Cellular Going Out Of Business 2024?

About US Cellular 

US Cellular is the fifth largest mobile provider. It has approximately 4.7 million subscribers and 4,600 employees.

Who Owns US Cellular?

US Cellular is a subsidiary of Telephone and Data System Inc. The company owns 83% of US Cellular.

Revenue Of US Cellular

2019:  4.02 Billion 2020: 4.04 Billion 2021: 4.12 Billion 2022: 4.17 Billion 2023: 3.9 Billion

The Reason For Downfall Of US Cellular

US Cellular failed to retain its customers from shifting towards its competitors like T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T.

The Reason For Downfall Of US Cellular

As a result it lost about 24,000 post paid customers in Q1 2023. It ended its Q1 2023 with only 4,223,000 customers.

Bankruptcy Drivers Of US Cellular (2022)

Asset Turnover: 0.38 B Total Debt: 4.2B Total Assets: 11.1B Current Assets: 1.7B

What Did The Parent Company Said?

The parent company of US cellular announced that it will be looking at all the alternative options for the company. This simply means that it is going to sell the assets of  US Cellular.

Is US Cellular Going Out Of Business?

After the anouncement, the experts speculated that the assets might be leased or sold to the tower's rival companies like T-Mobile. Therefore, until the deal is done nothing can't be said about the shut down.