Laundromat Profit Margin

What Are Laundromats?

Laundromats, or coin laundry, as the name suggests, is a coin-operated laundry facility where a person can wash and dry their laundry.

Success Rate of Laundromats 

Laundromats generate 20%-35% average cash-on-cash ROI. Additionally, it also has a success rate of 94.8%.

Laundromats Average Annual Turnover

Based on the total number of Laundromats in the US and total market value, a Laundromat business can generate an annual turnover of $142,857 on average.

Laundromat Business Cost

As per Coin Laundry Association, you need to invest anywhere between $100,000 and $300,000 to start a Laundromat.

Pros Of Laundromats Business

– High ROI – Recession-proof business – Requires minimal staff – Expansion & growth potential – Not a seasonal business

Cons Of Laundromats Business

– Irregular hours – Competitive industry – Substantial investment – Rising operating costs

Typical Profit Margin In Laundromat

This could vary, but the average profit margin for laundromat businesses typically falls within the range of 10-20%.