Profitable Trees To Grow In 2024

How To Monetize Growing Trees?

1. Grow Fruit Trees 2. Grow Seedlings 3. Grow To Collect Wood 4. Home Garden Trees

Profitable Trees To Grow In Backyard

1. Landscape Trees 2. Japenese Maple 3. Heritage Fruit Trees 4. Nut Trees 5. Palm Trees 6. Flowering Dogwood

Growth Of Lumber Industry

The Lumber Industry in the USA is growing rapidly. According to the latest statistics, the growth rate of the business is projected is 3.6% from 2020 to 2025.

Drawbacks Of Tree Farming

1. Big Start-Up Cost 2. Requires Patience

Profitable Trees To Grow For Lumber

1. Black Walnut 2. Oak 3. Hickory 4. Maple 5. Teak 6. Mahogany

The Cost To Start A Lumber Business

The cost to start the lumber business depends on your location. On an average the cost ranges between $780,000- $2 million+.

Factors Affecting The Profit Of Lumber Business

1. Quality Of Wood 2. Market Demand  3. Growth Rate Of Trees

Profitable Trees To Grow

Starting a tree farm requires your 100% effort and your patience. However, there are certain factors too that you need to focus on that affects the profitability of the business.