Tow Truck Business Startup Cost 2024

Types of Truck For Tow Truck Business

Flatbed: $40,000-$500,000 Hook & Chain: $20,000-$150,000 Wheel Lift: $15,000-$50,000 Integrated: $100,000-$850,000

Licenses & Permits For Tow Truck Business

- Business License - Towing License - Vehicle Registration - Legal Fees

Profit Margin in Tow Truck Business

The profit margins boil down to how much you spend for your business. Generally, a tow service costs about $95 in the United States & you can keep 70% as profit margin. 

Avg Salary of Tow Truck Employees

The average national salary for truck drivers is about $60,000 annually.

Factors that Affect Startup Cost of this Business

– Location of your business – Size of the office and the fleet – Number of employees – Overhead & maintenance costs

Tow Truck Business Owner Earnings 

On the lower end, there are tow truck business owners making around $20,000 annually. The higher end can go as high as $228,000 annually

Average Tow Truck Business Startup Cost

Finding the average cost of a tow truck business is hard because it generally boils down to you and your decision as the business owner