Who Owns GamerSupps 2024?

About GamerSupps

GamerSupps is a renowned brand that provides energy supplemnets to esports gamers. These supplements are designed to enrich energy, and increase the focus of gamers.

Who Is Jonathan Schlatt?

Jonathan Schlatt is an American streamer who is also known by the name 'Jschatt'. He launched his career in 2013 and gained fame by playing Minecraft and other games.

Jonathan Schlatt's Net Worth 

The net worth of Jonathan Schlatt is estimated to be $8 million. The primary source of his revenue is advertising revenue from YoutTube.

Products Of GamerSupps

1. GG Powdered Energy Drink 2. GG Ready To Drink Cans 3. Shaker Cups 4. Merchandise

Controversies Of GamerSupps

1. Stealing Content  2. Amount Of Caffeine

Who Owns GamerSupps?

GamerSupps is owned by the famous youtuber Jonathan Schlatts. He acquired the company in 2022.