Who Owns Vitamin Water?

Vitamin Water History

Vitamin Water is a mineral water product. The drink was founded in 2000 by Energy Brands, which also does business as Glaceau.

The Rise of Vitamin Water

Shortly after its launch, the drink quickly became one of the most successful products of Energy Brands, putting itself in the top 4 of the company’s drink lineup.

The Fall of Vitamin Water

Several years later, an Australian organization brought Vitamin Water to court, claiming that it’s actually not healthy despite what the advertisements say.

The Fall of Vitamin Water

UK’s Advertising Standards Authority found VitaminWater to be guilty as it contains a high amount of sugar.

Acquisition Of Vitamin Water

In 2007, Coca-Cola Company finalized the acquisition agreement with Energy Brands and bought the company for $4.1 billion in cash.

Who Owns Vitamin Water Today?

After the acquisition, Vitamin Water became a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company, and they are owned directly by them.