Why Is Koa Wood So Expensive?

What Is Koa Wood?

Koa wood is also called Acacia Koa, and is the most valuable hardwood in the world. It is only found in the Hawaiian forest providing shelter to 30 native forest bird species, and 17 of them are endangered.

Koa Wood Can be Used for Making:

- Furniture - Guitar & other instruments - Cabinets  - Surfboards - Jewelry items - Weapons

Koa Wood Cost

The price of Koa wood typically begins at approximately $40 per board foot and can increase to around $200 per board foot for exceptionally rare and large slabs.

What Makes Koa Wood So Special?

Koa wood holds a special distinction due to its distinct patterns, colors, and textures.

Reasons Why Koa Wood Is So Expensive

There are several reasons for the same, for example, – Koa wood is only grown in Hawaiian islands.

Acacia Vs. Koa Wood

Acacia & Koa are very different from each other. Acacia trees are found all over the world but on the contrary, koa wood is only found in Hawaii.