Wetherspoons Menu With Prices 2024

JD Wetherspoons, also known as Wetherspoons, is a pub operating only in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. In their almost five decades of operation, the pub has grown drastically, and they now operate close to 1,000 stores across the two regions. Their aim is to target a mass amount of people with low-priced foods and drinks.

Since they are considered relatively cheaper and very famous, with over £1 billion in revenue, you might wonder about their offerings. In this article, we will answer some common questions about Wetherspoons’ menu and give you a detailed insight.

Wetherspoons Menu

Wetherspoons Menu With Prices 2024

Wetherspoons Small Plates

Menu ItemPrices
Chicken Breast Bites£4.10
Breaded Brie£3.49
Topped Chips (Loaded)£3.99
Bowl of Chips with Curry Sauce£3.65
Small Nachos£3.75
Southern-Fried Chicken Strips£4.10
Chicken Wings (10 Pc.)£4.80
Spicy Coated King Prawns£4.15
Tandoori Chicken Bites£3.09
Grilled Halloumi£2.89

Wetherspoons Sharers

Menu ItemPrices
Weatherspoon Sharer£9.50
Large Nachos£5.89

Wetherspoons Salads & Pastas

Menu ItemPrices
Quinoa Salad£6.55
Chicken, Avocado & Maple-Cured Bacon Salad£6.55
Chicken Caesar Salad£6.55
Superfood Pasta£6.55
British Beef Lasagne£6.55
Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne£6.55

Wetherspoons Burritos

Menu ItemPrices
Naked Burrito£7.40

Wetherspoons Deli Deals

Menu ItemPrices
Jacket Potato with Beans£4.29
Jacket Potato with Cheese£4.29
Jacket Potato with Chili Con Carne£4.29
Jacket Potato with Tuna Mayo£4.29
New York-Style Pastrami Bagel£4.29
Smashed Avocado Bagel£4.29

Wetherspoons Fresh From The Grill

Menu ItemPrices
Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak (8 oz.)£10.05
Sirloin Steak (8 oz.)£10.05
Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak (14 oz.)£12.35
Gammon (10 oz.)£8.25
BBQ Chicken Melt£8.85
Mixed Grill£9.55

Wetherspoons Skinny Steak

Menu ItemPrices
Skinny Aberdeen Angus Rump (8 oz.)£8.75
Skinny Sirloin (8 oz.)£8.75

Wetherspoons Sauces, Toppers And Extras

Menu ItemPrices
Rarebit Sauce£1.25
Honey Glaze Made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey£1.25
Creamy Peppercorn Sauce£1.25
Garlic & Parsley Butter£0.50

Wetherspoons Afternoon Deals Monday-Friday, 2pm-5pm

Menu ItemPrices
Gammon, Eggs & Chips (5 oz.)£5.75
Freshly Battered Fish and Chips£6.90

Wetherspoons Pub Classics

Menu ItemPrices
British Beef & Doom Bar Ale Pie£6.29
Lamb Shank£9.99
Freshly Battered Fish and Chips£6.90

Wetherspoons Chicken & Ribs

Menu ItemPrices
Triple Chicken Feast£8.69
Peri-Peri Roast Half Chicken£6.90

Wetherspoons Burgers & Dogs

Menu ItemPrices
Fried Buttermilk Chicken Burger£5.75
Classic 6 oz. Beef Burger£5.75

Wetherspoons Burger Add-Ons

Menu ItemPrices
Maple-Cured Bacon£0.75
Cheddar Cheese£1.05

Wetherspoons Gourmet Burgers & Dogs

Menu ItemPrices
New York Deli Burger£7.40
Ultimate Burger£7.40

Wetherspoons Sides & Sauces

Menu ItemPrices
Beer-Battered Onion Rings (6 Pc.)£1.40
Bowl of Chips£2.80

Wetherspoons Desserts

Menu ItemPrices
Warm Cookie Dough Sandwich with Ice Cream£3.85
Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae£3.60

Note: The prices and menu items are subject to change. Always check the latest menu for the most current information.

Does Wetherspoons Do a Sunday Roast?

They used to have Sunday roasts across all their locations, but they scraped it in 2016. They re-introduced it sometime later, but that didn’t stick, and they removed it completely.

As of 2023, Wetherspoons do not offer a Sunday roast in any of its locations.

Does Wetherspoons do Roast Dinners?

Just like the Sunday roast, Wetherspoons also removed their roast dinners which were generally served on Sundays.

They removed it back in 2016 as it was the same idea as their Sunday roast. They currently do not serve it.

Does Wetherspoons Do Breakfast?

Does Wetherspoons Do Breakfast

Yes, they offer breakfast, and they have a very extensive breakfast menu. The breakfasts are only available between 8 AM and 12 PM every day at every Wetherspoons location.

They offer large and small breakfast plates, individual dishes, and vegetarian breakfast options.

Does Wetherspoons Do Takeaway?

Yes, if you ask your food to be prepared for take-out, they prepare it, special for take-out. If you want to get the leftovers and make them packaged to-go after your time there, that is also possible if you ask for it. In both scenarios, they will prepare it for you.

Does Wetherspoons Have Wi-Fi?

Yes, all Wetherspoons locations offer free Wi-Fi, whether in the United Kingdom or in Ireland.

You can connect to them easily, and if there is a password, you can ask for it from the workers at the pub, but generally, you can just connect without a password.

Does Wetherspoons Allow Dogs?

Wetherspoons do not allow pet dogs in any of their pubs or areas that belong to them or are managed by them. The only exception is for the service dogs. They allow service dogs on the premises.

Does Wetherspoons Have Vegan Options?

Does Wetherspoons Have Vegan Options

Yes, Wetherspoons have an extensive vegan menu that you can choose from. These items are Vegan Breakfast, Vegan Roasted Vegetable Pizza, Quorn Nuggets, Topped Chips, Beyond Meat Burger, Fiesta Burger, Katsu Quon Nugget Curry, Vegan Sausages, Tomato and Basil Soup, Jacket Potato, and many other main dishes, sides, and small plates.

In the Wetherspoons menu, you can find a special nutritional information menu indicating whether a dish is vegan. You can make your choice from those items.

Does Wetherspoons Take Cash?

Wetherspoons accept cash as the payment method. Almost all Wetherspoons pubs accept this method but still enquire further with your local Wetherspoons to make sure.

What Time Does Wetherspoons Open and Close For Food?

There are two different food service times at Wetherspoons. One is their breakfast which starts at 8 AM and continues until 11.30 AM or 12 PM, depending on the location.

The other is the main menu, following the breakfast after 12 PM. It starts when breakfast ends and goes until 11 PM usually. These times might vary slightly from pub to pub, but these are the usual hours.

What Time Does Wetherspoons Stop Serving Breakfast?

What Time Does Wetherspoons Stop Serving Breakfast

Wetherspoons stop serving breakfast at either 11.30 AM or 12 PM at the latest. The exact hours are different in each bar. To make sure, ask your local Wetherspoons about their breakfast hours.

What Are the Gluten-Free Items at Wetherspoons?

Yes, like the vegan menu, they also have gluten-free options that you can choose from their menu. Gluten-free options have special nutritional information that you can see the details of. They offer gluten-free breakfast, porridge, soup, halloumi, some chicken dishes, and a few main meals.

Why is Wetherspoons So Cheap?

There are a couple of reasons why Wetherspoons is so cheap and can stay like that. First of all, their buildings are not owned by any brewery. The company owns all of its locations. This means they can shop around the block to find the cheapest option available to sell the drinks. That way, they can give the best deal possible.

Secondly, on the food side, most of their food comes in frozen. This reduces the number of food that goes bad and the cooking time in the pubs. When they serve quicker, they sell more, especially on club nights or other special nights.

Why is it Called Wetherspoons?

The full name of Wetherspoons is JD Wetherspoons. This name originates from a character in The Dukes of Hazzard called JD. The second name, Wetherspoons, comes from Martin, the founder. His teachers’ last names were Wetherspoons in New Zealand. Apparently, the teachers told Martin that he won’t amount to anything, so he decided to name the brand after their last name.

Wetherspoons Menu: FAQ

How many Wetherspoons are there in the UK?

As of the latest report available for 2023, there are approximately 826 JD Wetherspoons locations in the United Kingdom. England has the highest number of Wetherspoons within the United Kingdom, with 717 locations.

Is Wetherspoons halal?

Wetherspoons supply their meat from various suppliers. They do not ask for any of their suppliers to provide them with halal-certified meat, and none of their suppliers are halal-certified. In addition, they have no plans to change this in the future, and their meals are not prepared and cooked to halal standards. That’s why they are not halal.

Why is Wetherspoons so famous?

There are many reasons behind the fame of Wetherspoons. The biggest one is that they are relatively cheaper or fairly priced compared to most other pubs in the United Kingdom. In addition, all their locations are in historic buildings with interesting décor and architecture. Lastly, even though they are low prices, they still provide high-quality drinks and foods, which makes them a preference over other pubs.



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