Whataburger Franchise

It’s not easy to start a restaurant from the ground up and establish a solid reputation in your target market.

To do so, you’ll need a lot of expertise, managerial skills, and, of course, a lot of money to get started.

Whataburger is a good restaurant with franchising options and a steady stream of customers.

Do you want to open a franchise of Whataburger? You’ll find all your requirements below, including a company biography, pricing, and other information.

Whataburger Franchise
Whataburger Franchise

About The Whataburger

Whataburger is a privately-owned regional fast food restaurant in the United States.

It is based in San Antonio, Texas, and specializes in preparing hamburger sandwiches. Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton founded it in the year 1950.

The name Whataburger inspires by the experience of constructing a burger that would require both hands to grab when a consumer attempted to eat it.

When consumers bite into this burger, they shout “What-Burger!!!” since it gives them a nice feeling. 

History Of Whataburger

Harmon Dobson, an enterprising and motivated entrepreneur, launched the world’s first Whataburger on Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1950.

He had a simple goal: to deliver a burger so giant that it required two hands to hold it and so delicious that diners would exclaim, “What a burger!” after just one bite.

On both counts, he was a success, and his one-person burger business became a legend throughout Texas and the South.

Every Whataburger now prepares fresh to order when you order it. They’re still cooked with 100 percent genuine American beef and served on a five-inch toasted bun.

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Whataburger Franchise Model

Royalty feeN/A
IndustryQuick-Service Restaurant
SubsectorFood and Beverage
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets830

What Are The Benefits Of Opening A Whataburger Franchise?

Since 1950, Whataburger has been around. It’s recognized for its mouthwatering burgers and world-famous onion rings.

Breakfast to dinner is all available throughout the day at this restaurant. Whataburger has been named one of America’s top 25 burger restaurants.

Franchise Training At Whataburger:

Whataburger does not allow franchisees to start their business without prior training if they do not understand how to run and operate it.

Moreover, Whataburger will provide candidates with the necessary training and learning methods to prepare them for the tasks to be successful in the industry.

Even if the candidates have any difficulties throughout their first few days of learning, Whataburger will provide candidates with unrestricted access to continuous support and assistance at any time.

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Whataburger Comparison

CompanyWhataburgerPanda Express 
Founded In19501973
Initial Investment$1,200,000$377,100 – $1,884,000
Total Outlet8301,900
Annual Revenue$6.7 Million$100 Billion

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are You a Good Fit for a Whataburger Franchise?

When it comes to franchising Whataburger, one of the essential concerns to address is the enormous financial needs. Again, if you have the financial means, becoming a franchisee should not be an issue.

Why choose a Whataburger franchise over another?

Whataburger’s exceptional standard, for which its customers remain loyal, can never be compared to any other franchise. This burger franchise sets the standard for all others.

What is the profit margin on Whataburger's annual sales?

The corporation makes a profit of $1 billion per year.

Does Whataburger offer Franchise?

Yes, Whataburger offers remunerative franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs.

How much does a Whataburger Franchise Cost?

The initial investment cost of a Whataburger franchise ranges from $545,500 to $894,500, with an additional franchise fee of $40,000.

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