Who Owns Jordan Brand?

Once a new kid on the block is now the biggest brand on the planet. The brand continues to bring unique style, comfort, and durability, appeasing its customers. But who owns the Jordan brand? The answer will surely surprise you.

Who Owns Jordan Brand

In this article, we’ll discuss every detail of the Jordan brand, so keep reading to get interesting facts about the brand.

About Jordan Brand

Jordan brand normally goes by the name ‘Air Jordan’ but is marketed under the Jordan brand.

The first-ever Air Jordan was designed for a basketball player named Michael Jordan when he used to play for Chicago Bulls in the year 1984. The shoes were released to the public in 1985.

The goal of the brand was to make $3 million in the first year with its Air Jordan sneaker line. However, the company ended up making more than its expectations as the company earned $126 million alone in its first year.

The shoes were designed for Nike by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore.

Today, the Jordan Brand is the most successful brand, with a revenue of $5.2 billion in the year 2022.

Who Owns Jordan

The brand is owned by Nike, which is owned by the Knight family. At the time, the company was building its strategy to launch shows that would inspire consumers with the help of athletes.

That’s where Michael Jordan came into play, and in the year 1984, he signed a five-year contract with Nike.

However, Nike and Jordans brands were separated in the year 1997. Nike allowed the brand to operate on its own as a separate entity but under Nike’s umbrella.

Who Is Michael Jordan?

Who Is Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the greatest ever NBA player who debuted in his career in the year 1984. He dominated the courts, winning 6 NBA championships with Chicago Bulls.

He finished his game career with two seasons with Washington Wizards and went on to become the owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

Michael was also voted as one of the top 50 all-time NBA players and was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

How Much Does Michael Jordan Make Per Sale?

In the year 2022, the Jordan brand earned 5.2 billion in sales, and Michael Jordan received only 5% of the sale.

This legendary contract took place in 1984, and the clause was negotiated by Jordan’s mother. This deal changed the athlete shoe deals forever.

How Much Does Michael Jordan Own Of Jordan And Nike?

The original percentage of Michael Jordan in the Jordan brand is widely unknown. However, it is estimated to be 5% of every sale.

Also, from the Nike brand Michael Jorden only gets 5% from the brand. It was reported that the contract of Jordaan earned about $1.3 billion from Nike. This was the report of 2020, and it is also a huge amount any athlete has got from Nike.

Why Is Jordan Brand So Popular?

Why Is Jordan Brand So Popular

When the Air Jordan product line was introduced in the year 1985, other than making $126 million in its very first year, it also became a part of controversies.

This took place because of the NBA policy, which stated that the shoes must be 51% white and in accordance with the shoes that the rest of the team was wearing. And it would result in a fine of $5000 per game for not following this regulation of the NBA.

The Air Jordan I that Nike designed was based on the Chicago Bull’s red and white color, which only has 23% white. This created a controversy but also led to publicity for the brand.

The brand was then bestowed as an iconic brand and also groundbreaking due to its defiance to NBA policy.

They also used this marketing opportunity with Air Jordan I ‘Banned’ advertisement and sold around 50,000 pairs.

The legacy of popularity still continues with their unique design, style, quality, durability, exclusivity, and limited release.


Jordan has become a cultural icon. The popularity of the brand started way back in 1985 when it first launched its product. Today, the legacy still continues with its distinctive design and style.

So, whether you’re a basketball fan, a sneakerhead, or simply someone who is looking to own the Jordan franchise, the Air Jordan brand surely has something to offer to you.

We hope you got the answer to who owns the Jordan brand and every other important detail by reading this article.


Who owns Jordan Logo?

The ‘Jumpman’ logo of Jordan is owned by Nike. The logo is a silhouette of the former NBA player-Michael Jordan.

Is Jordan part of Nike?

No, Jordan is not a part of Nike. Jordan brand has been working as a separate entity from 1997 but under Nike’s umbrella.

Who signed Michael Jordan to Nike?

Back in 1984, Sonny Vaccaro reached out to Michael Jordan with a deal of 5-year contract of 15 million dollars.

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