Who Owns Pepsi?

Carbonated soft drinks are extremely popular all around the world, and there are two extremely famous of these that sell billions each year.

These two drinks, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, are rivals, and the brands that own these drinks also have many other soft drinks under their manufacturing rights. Considering that Pepsi is a trendy drink, you might wonder who owns it.

You have to be aware that Pepsi is not a brand, but it’s the name of the drink. There is a company behind this drink that manufactures it.

Let’s take a look at who owns Pepsi and other details about Pepsi.

Who Owns Pepsi
Who Owns Pepsi?

Who Owns Pepsi?

Pepsi, on its own, is not a company. It’s a drink that is owned by PepsiCo. 

The holding company also owns many different beverage and food brands, and PepsiCo is a public company that is actively traded in the market.

This means that PepsiCo owns Pepsi directly, but individual and institutional investors who own PepsiCo also own Pepsi indirectly.

StockholderType% of SharesNo. of SharesTotal Worth
The Vanguard Group, Inc.Institutional9.10%125,315,306$23,210,900,977
BlackRock Fund AdvisorsInstitutional4.98%68,582,334$12,702,819,903
SSgA Funds Management, Inc.Institutional4.25%58,566,663$10,847,717,321
Geode Capital Management LLCInstitutional1.90%26,126,523$4,839,154,590
Charles Swab Investment ManagementInstitutional1.30%17,880,236$3,311,777,312
Northern Trust InvestmentsInstitutional1.10%15,185,089$2,812,582,185
Robert C. PohladIndividualNot available to the publicNot available to the publicNot available to the public
Ramon L. LaguartaIndividualNot available to the publicNot available to the publicNot available to the public

As you can see, primarily institutional financial management companies own PepsiCo.

There are some individuals who still own the brand, but they are not the majority, and their exact position and stake are not available to the public.

But the top individuals who own PepsiCo are insiders. For example, Robert C. Pohlad is a board member, and Ramon L. Laguarta is the company’s current CEO.

Pepsi History

Pepsi History

Pepsi’s first invention goes back to 1893, and its name was “Brad’s Drink”, when Caleb Bradham first invented it.

He was selling this drink in his own drugstore. Later in 1898, Bradham renamed the drink to Pepsi-Cola and moved its production to a warehouse from his drugstore in 1903.

The drink got popular every year, and its sales increased to 19,848 gallons a year in 1909.

During World War I, due to the increase in the sugar price, the company went bankrupt, and Bradham sold all the assets of the company to Roy C. Megargel.

Over the years, Pepsi-Cola went through a lot of different manufacturers only to end up with PepsiCo.

It’s a brand that was created after the merger of Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay, Inc.

The drink got the name Pepsi in 1961 in an effort to rebrand, and it’s been the same ever since. Now, they are competing with Coca-Cola in the world.

What is PepsiCo?

PepsiCo is one of the world’s biggest multinational American food, snack, and beverage corporation with their headquarters in New York.

The company was first famous for its namesake product Pepsi when they were first incorporated, but it quickly diversified its product line.

They now manufacture, distribute, and market various food and beverages across the world.

As of 2021, PepsiCo had 23 different brands under its management, bringing in over $1 billion in sales annually.

They operate across 200 countries and have a total annual net revenue of over $70 billion. The drink Pepsi still stands to be its most popular product of the brand.

Who is Caleb Bradham?

Caleb Bardham was an American pharmacist. He is most famous for his invention of the soft drink Pepsi. He invented Pepsi in his drug store, Bradham Drug Store Company. 

After going through some changes to the name after he first manufactured it, he established his own company, Pepsi-Cola Company.

He was the president of the company up until the company went bankrupt. He sold the assets of Pepsi-Cola Company to Craven Holding Company and went back to operating his own drug store.

How Much is Pepsi Worth?

How Much is Pepsi Worth

The Pepsi brand, on its own, is worth approximately $20 billion. This number is actually hard to find out because PepsiCo owns Pepsi, and they own tens of different drinks on the market.

The total worth of PepsiCo, which manufactures all the drinks and foods they sell, including Pepsi, is $262.8 billion.


Pepsi is one of the most famous soft drinks in the world, competing with Coca-Cola since it was first invented by Caleb Bradham in 1893.

Since its invention, the drink went through a lot of name and manufacturer changes, but now the brand PepsiCo is the manufacturer of this drink.

PepsiCo is a multinational company that manufactures tens of different drinks worldwide.

The sole owner of the Pepsi drink is PepsiCo, but PepsiCo is a public company. This means that anyone can own a share of PepsiCo. 

The majority owners of PepsiCo are generally institutional investors like Vanguard, Blackrock, and many others.


Is Pepsi a company?

Pepsi itself is the drink’s name. It’s not a company. PepsiCo is the brand that manufactures, sells, and markets the drink.

They have the right to the Pepsi brand alone. No one else can manufacture Pepsi without their approval.

Does one person own Pepsi?

Pepsi is owned by PepsiCo, and PepsiCo is a public company that anyone can buy on the stock market. Technically, Pepsi is owned by one entity which is PepsiCo.

Can I buy a part of the Pepsi brand?

You can buy a piece of PepsiCo that manufactures the drink. You can buy the brand through the stock exchange it is being traded-in.







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