Who Owns Sheetz Gas Stations?

If you are wondering about what is so special about Sheetz Gas Station, then you probably haven’t experienced the magic of scrumptious food of Sheetz Gas Station, but who owns Sheetz Gas Stations? And what combination is food and gas station?

Who Owns Sheetz Gas Stations

What started as a small convenience store in the small town of Altoona has now become a large chain with 669 locations across Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

With its scrumptious food and quirky branding, Sheetz gas station has managed to build a cult, but it’s more than just its branding and advertising.

Let’s get on the ride to know who owns Sheetz Gas Station, how it started, and what’s so special about this gas station.

About Sheetz Gas Station

Sheetz Gas Station is an American chain of convenience stores and coffee shops. The store sells custom food, beverages, and convenience items in all its locations which are open 24/7.

It started way back in 1952 when Bob Sheetz decided to buy one of the 5 dairy stores that his father owned in Altoona with the name Sheetz. Inc.

Nine years later, the brother also joined hands in the business, and this decision changed their fate.

They then opened stores by store following every year and eventually opened 14 stores by 1972.

In 1973, Sheetz Gas Station became the first store that introduced self-serve gasoline to central Pennsylvania after installing gas pumps at their stores.

Then by 1983, the brothers opened over 100 stores.

Who Owns Sheetz Gas Station?

Who Owns Sheetz Gas Station- Travis Sheetz

Sheetz Gas Station is a family-owned business started by the Sheetz brothers. As of 2024, the business is still managed by generations of the Sheetz family.

The company is also listed in the Forbes list of “Americas’ Largest Private Companies.”

In 2022, Joe Sheetz was succeeded by his brother Travis Sheetz to become the CEO & President of the company.

Travis Sheetz is the nephew of Bob Sheetz and the fifth family member to take command of a 70-year-old Altoona-based business.

What Are The 3 Menus Of Sheetz Gas Station?

Sheetz store is known for its quirky branding. They often place ‘sh’ or ‘z’ at the beginning or at the end of their product names.

For example, sandwich melts are called shmeltz, and muffins are called shmuffins.

This bustling store draws about 1.5 million customers per day, and they also have customers with rewards and loyalty points, which they call Friendz or Fanz, or Freakz.

Sheetz Gas Station offers 3 types of menus, namely:

  1. Made To Order
  2. 24/7/365 Whenever you want
  3. Made To Go Food & Shweetz Bakery

1. Made To Order

Sheetz made to order is simple, as the name suggests. This menu was introduced when the company was struggling to find a feasible, cost-effective solution for the hefty prices it paid for groceries.

In this menu, the food is prepared especially for you, and you choose what ingredient or filling you want as per your liking.

2. 24/7/365 Whenever You Want

24/7/365 Whenever You Want

Travis Sheetz the new CEO & President of the company noted that “He was always frustrated by missing limited breakfast hours at other restaurants by a few minutes as a kid”.

Therefore through this menu, even if you have a hectic lifestyle, your breakfast is not limited to a few hours.

You can order your breakfast anytime you want, a family dinner in the car, or a 3 am late-night snack.

The stores are serving 24/7/365 utilizing cutting-edge technology, allowing you to order food electronically with only a touch of your finger on your mobile screens.

3. Made To Go Food & Shweetz Bakery

Made To Go Food & Shweetz Bakery

At Sheetz, each store has a made-to-go, grab-n-go, ready-to-eat selection of items like hot breakfast sandwiches, yogurt, cheeses, fresh fruit, and much more.

Not forgetting your sweet tooth, Sheetz stores also offer fresh and delicious bakery items.

What Is Sheetz Family Net Worth?

Sheetz is a family-owned business therefore, 90% of the company is owned by the family, and the remaining 10 percent is owned by its employees.

The company has 24000 employees and generated $11.7 billion in revenue in the year 2022.

According to People Ai, the net worth of Sheetz in 2023 is 29.5 million.

SheetzNet Worth
Networth In 202329.5 Million
Networth In 202226.5 Million
Networth In 202123.6 Million
Networth In 202020.6 Million
Networth In 201917.7 Million

4 Untold Truths About Sheetz Gas Station

1. Sheetz Pioneered Touch Screen Menu

Sheetz Pioneered Touch Screen Menu

Nowadays, it’s common to order food using mobile phones, but 25 years ago, this type of concept might seem more like a science fiction movie.

But in 1993, Sheetz installed a touchscreen menu for its customers at one of its Altoona locations. Then by 1996, they installed a unique kiosk in every Sheetz location.

This eliminated the need to take custom orders one customer at a time and opened an opportunity for a 24/7 concept.

2. Unique Sheetz Coffee

Unique Sheetz Coffee

In 2012, Sheetz invested $7.5 million in installing a coffee brewing system that promised to retain the aroma of coffee without sacrificing or burning the taste of coffee.

It also continues to add new blends of an assortment of freshly grounded coffee beans.

In a statement released in 2015, Ryan Sheetz, Director of Brand Strategy, explained that “The updated cups are fully recyclable, BPA-free, and made out of #5 polypropylene – one of the safest materials used to package foods,” he said. “This implementation will divert approximately 2,300,000 cups from landfills every year.”

3. Sheetz Was The First Convenience Store In The US To Offer More Than Just Burgers

Sheetz Beyond Meat Burgers

Sheetz Gas Station is the first gas station that partnered with Beyond Meat to serve vegan-friendly burgers to its customers.

In 2019, it introduced plant-based Beyond Burgers in its 597 locations, making it the first convenience store in the USA to offer more than just meat burgers.

4. Sheetz Is One Of The Largest Retailer of E15 Fuel

Sheetz Is One Of The Largest Retailer of E15 Fuel

According to Lowa Renewable Fuel Association, E15 (15% ethanol and 25% gasoline) is a high-quality, high-octane fuel that burns cleaner and performs better.

E15 has an octane rating of 88 and is less costly than unleaded gasoline.

In 2015, Sheetz committed to providing E15 fuel to its customers that is both inexpensive for the customers and environment-friendly.


Sheetz Inc. was started way back in 1952 and is a gas station and convenience store serving delicious food.

This means you can fill the gas in your vehicle while enjoying those juicy, scrumptious burgers or any other food product.

Sheetz grosses $8 billion a year. But Travis Sheetz credits part of its success to listening to customers. “We don’t decide what we sell,” says Travis. “Consumers do.”

By prioritizing what their customers are saying, the company is reaching great heights. So, if you are an investor looking to own a profitable franchise, then Sheetz Franchise is your best option.

We hope we answered all your doubts on who owns Sheetz Gas Station and


Is Sheetz Gas Station American Owned?

Yes, Sheetz is an American chain of convenience stores and coffee shops owned by Sheetz Daily. They serve food, bakery items, and convenience store items as well.

How Much Sheetz Owner Make In A Year?

The estimated total pay of a Sheetz franchise owner is estimated at $104,703 per year.

What Is The Biggest Gas Station In America?

The biggest gas station in America is Buc-ee’s. It is a 74,000 square foot opened in Sevierville, Tennessee, claiming the title of the largest gas station in the world — but there is much more than one kind of fuel offered at this super-sized facility. 

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