Who Owns Wingstop?

Ever since the restaurant chain started, Wingstop is receiving immense love for its food and has successfully grown into a fast-casual restaurant chain that is operating outside the border of the United States. But who owns Wingstop?

Who Owns Wingstop

Let’s begin the guide of unraveling the truths of the fastest-growing restaurant chain.

About Wingstop

Wingstop Inc. is an American international chain of restaurants, which specializes in selling chicken wings

The restaurant chain was founded in the year 1994, in Garland, Texas by Antonio Swad. Later in 1997, it began offering franchises.

In 2005, the restaurant began serving lunch and introduced its popular boneless wings in 2009.

The menu of Wingstop includes a range of chicken products like wings with sauces and sandwiches.

It opened its first international restaurant in 2010. In 2019, it introduced its tagline- Where Flavor Gets Its Wings.

Who Owns Wingstop?

Who Owns Wingstop- Chicken wings

Wingstop is known for its delicious food, top-notch customer service, and their signature sauces. The main owners of Wingstop were Antonio Swad and Bernadette Fiaschetti. Then from 1997, the owners started offering franchising Wingstop.

In 2003, the Wingstop restaurant chain was sold to Gemini Investors, which is acquired by Roark Capital Group in 2010.

This makes the Roark Capital Group the main owner of the Wingstop fast-casual restaurant chain.

Currently, there are 1520 Wingstop franchises operating around the world.

What Is The Worth Of Wingstop?

As of 2023, the market capitalization of Wingstop is about $4.98 billion, which is increased by 9.72% in the past year.

This market cap of Wingstop rose up $915.64 million to $4.98 billion, since 2015. This means that the company is growing at a compound rate of 24.92%.

Does Rick Ross Own Wingstop?

Born in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Rick Ross is a legendary rapper who not only owns 30 Wingstop franchises across the USA but also sings about them.

However, the Miami rapper doesn’t own the Wingstop company,he just owns the franchises.

What Is Rick Ross’s Net Worth?

What Is Rick Ross's Net Worth

In addition to being the most wealthiest rapper in the world, Rick Ross is also the most successful entrepreneur.

He is the founder of the record named ‘Maybach Music Group‘. Rick Ross is also the first artist to signed to Diddy’s management company Ciroc Entertainment.

The rapper owns 30 Wingstop locations across the USA.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Wingstop Franchise?

The Wingstop franchise cost is $20,000– franchise fees and the initial investment required by the Wingstop franchise is $315,310 – $948,080.

The company also requires a net worth of $1,200,000. There are other requirements of the company too. Therefore before choosing the Wingstop franchise, assess all the information about the requirements and what you’ll get from the franchisor.

What Are The Popular Wingstop Flavors?

What’s the best flavor in Wingstop? Well, this question is tricky to answer as Wingstop offers 14 different flavors which you can choose from.

So whether you are a fan of Asian flavors, butterfly stuff, or citrus garlic, you’ll find something in the menu that will soothe your taste buds.

But not all the flavors are appeasing, so we picked some best flavors of Wingstop chicken wings.

  1. Mango Habanero
  2. Hickory Smoked Barbecue
  3. Garlic Parmesean
  4. The Orignal hot
  5. Hot Lemon
  6. Spicy Korean Q
  7. Cajun Chicken Wings
  8. Hawaiin Wings
  9. Cajun Barbecue
  10. Lemon Pepper

Things That You Need To Know About Wingstop

Things That You Need To Know About Wingstop

Whether grabbing an appetizer at happy hour or just casually going for a family picnic, grabbing the mouth-watering juicy chicken wings with the signature sauce of Wingstop will make your day more pleasant.

However, before hitting the gas, there are some things that you must know about Wingstop.

1. They Don’t Need Your Creative Ideas

It’s very common to get an idea of a new sauce or a new menu item and give your creative suggestion to the restaurant. However, this is not the case with Wingstop.

Yes! They don’t need your ideas. They also have an actual written policy for reviewing and considering “unsolicited ideas’ for new items or any updates from any outside party. So, if you have any idea about adding any menu item, take it outside the Wingstop restaurant.

2. You Can Get An Extra Wing Per 10

You Can Get An Extra Wing Per 10

According to a Wingstop employee’s Q&A session on Reddit, you are supposed to get an extra wing per order over 10 pieces. This makes a 10-piece order have 11 wings, and a 20-piece order will have 22 wings.

3. Wingstop Have Some Gross Controversies

According to FOX 13 Memphis, in 2016, an employee of Wingstop at a Colorado location allegedly put her face into a bucket of raw chicken.

Not only this, but a video surfaced on the internet showing an employee of Wingstop handling the food without any gloves on. And in another video from 2021, the manager and an employee of Wingstop got into a heated argument which ended with the worker being fired on the spot.

4. The ‘Boneless’ Wings Are Not Wings

Yes! You read it right, the boneless wings aren’t actually wings, but they are chicken nuggets made from breast meat, reported Business Insider.

These boneless wings are a lot cheaper as compared to actual wings, which is a significant profit driver for the restaurant.

5. The Wings Are Sodium And Fat Explosives

The Wings Are Sodium And Fat Explosives

Yes! The chicken wings that you thought were healthy are actually sodium and fat bombs.

For instance, the Cajun wing has 310 milligrams of sodium, and when you have 10 wings, that makes 3100 milligrams of sodium, which is more than the amount you should intake in a whole day.

Similarly, having a single Garlic Parm Wing or a Lemon Pepper wing delivers 8 grams of fat. And if you add any sides, then this number is just rising and rising.


So, who owns Wingstop?

Wingstop is the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the USA and it has so much to offer to its customers.

The chain was first started by Antonio Swad in the year 1994, which then was sold to Roark Capital Group in 2010. Wingstop offers so many flavors to its customers that choosing one might be a challenging task.


Who is the main owner of Wingstop?

Wingstop is one of the fastest-growing fast-casual chains around the world. It has thousands of employees and owners, but the main owner of Wingstop is Roark Capital Group.

How much does a wingstop owner make in a year

A Wingstop is a very profitable franchise. It has a profit margin of 15%. Therefore a Wingstop franchise owner can easily make an average annual profit of $200,000.

When did Rick Ross buy his first Wingstop franchise?

The famous rapper- Rick Ross opened his first outlet in the year 2011 near Memphis, Tennessee.

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