Who Owns Young LA?

Young LA is a well-established brand trending among fitness and sports enthusiast, but who owns Young LA?

Who Owns Young LA

With the increasing number of fitness enthusiasts, sportswear has also gone through a massive transformation from its basic style.

Athletes are always looking for affordable and durable sportswear to enhance their workout experience, and Young La revolutionized men’s activewear and became the most popular brand among fitness freaks.

Let’s begin the ride to understand who owns Young LA and what this brand brings to you.

About Young LA

About Young LA

Young LA is a brand specializing in men’s activewear. It’s a lifestyle clothing brand headquartered in Los Angles, California.

It began as a small business and now is a team of 150+ person team. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of the brand, it also emphasizes comfortability, good quality, durability, affordability, and good fit.

It was started by two brothers and one employee, and with absolutely no financial help, the brand Young LA now has 27 employees and partnered with 25 athletes.

Who Owns Young LA?

Who Owns Young LA- Chopra Brothers

Young LA is a brand founded in 2014 by two brothers, Gurmer Chopra, and Robby Chopra, and they both are the owners of the brand.

Both brothers had corporate jobs after their graduation; however, coming from a family of businessmen, they always dreamt of creating something of their own.

They began selling random products on eBay and then on Amazon. After analyzing the market, they saw the opportunity in the lack of good and affordable activewear fit for men.

Gurmer Said- “With the explosion of brands like Lululemon and Fabletics, we noticed that the market wasn’t targeting men.

“There weren’t a lot of options for men in terms of comfortable athleisure wear at the time. It was either street clothes or gym clothes. There was no in-between.”

Both the brothers then started selling bodybuilding shorts on Amazon.

Soon after their first product went hit, they developed and transformed into a fitness and lifestyle apparel brand offering clothes like joggers, cargo, tracksuits, stringers, cut-off tanks, windbreakers, and more.

After the hit of these products, the brothers decided to launch men’s clothing in the categories like jeans, oversized tees, graphic tanks, beanies, snapback hats, and the most popular item of their brand, the perfect tee.

How Did Young La Become Hottest Men’s Activewear Brand?

Young LA launches new products every month. Young LA received a crazy response in the year 2019 when they made $5.3 million in annual sales on Amazon. They surpassed $7.1 million in overall sales in the same year.

“Demand for our items has just been insane,” states Robby. Gurmer explains, “If you aren’t online at 12 PM PST when an item drops, it’s likely it will sell out before you get there.”

What Are The Marketing Strategies Used By Young LA?

What Are The Marketing Strategies Used By Young LA

Here are two marketing strategies that Young LA applies to its brand:

A Strong Affiliate Marketing Program

Brands worldwide are utilizing the power of affiliate marketing to boost their e-commerce and brand awareness and loyalty.

Young LA also jumped on the booming trend and increased its brand awareness through a strong affiliate market network.

The creators who used an affiliated marketing program for Young LA posted the brand’s pieces in their workout sessions and hyped the new collection.

They also tied in athlete Jerdani Kraja as their brand ambassador.

Young LA Keeps Its Target Audience On Top

The very first rule of marketing is to understand your target audience.

In this context, Young LA has partnered with fitness influencers like Anthony Mantello and three-time Mr. Olympia champion Chris Bumstead and other influencers who understand who appeals to their audience.

Robby says, “​Instagram was a big driver for our business. “When we launched, Instagram was blowing up, and we knew partnering with athletes would take us to the next level.”

What Is The Net Worth Of Young LA?

What Is The Net Worth Of Young LA

Young LA upgraded its clothing brand in 2022 when it outshined the more established activewear brands like Reebok and Under Armor and secured its spot in the top 50 EMV-driving apparel labels in the US.

The brand’s $15.8M in Earned Media Value (EMV) represented 35% quarter-over-quarter and 143% year-over-year gains, while YoungLA’s community of 125 influencers represented 12% QoQ and 160% YoY increases

How Is Young La Dominating The Fashion World?


We hope this article has provided you with the predicament of who owns Young LA.

Being a new brand launched in 2014, Young LA has done exceptional work in reaching heights and becoming a popular brand among fitness enthusiasts.

The primary thing that contributed to their success is their marketing strategies and the prioritizing of the demands of their customers.


Where was Young LA founded?

Young LA is a fitness clothing brand that was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Why does Young LA sell out fast?

Due to the high demand for their quality products, they sell out quickly.

The brand also claimed that most of the time, their products also got sold out in just 10 minutes. However, the brand restocks its collection regularly.

Why is Young LA so famous?

Young LA not only caters to men’s fitness clothing but is also a source for forecasting the latest trends in men’s fitness.

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