Why Is TYME Iron Closing 2024?

TYME products are a decade of hard work and sacrifice in the making. However, the news that it is going about in business has left many of its well-wishers and its fans to worry about “Why Is TYME Iron Closing?”

It’s evident that 1 out of 2 women look for ways to speed up the hair washing and styling process. The shortcuts included both the bottles of shampoo and condition along with straighteners that eliminate the blow drying step.

Hence, the fewer the products and tools, the less time we have to invest in our previous morning minutes. This is where TYME Iron came into play and soon became popular. But the closing announcement its CEO made shocked each of its fans.

Therefore, without further delay, let’s start on why TYME Iron is closing and what other products it offers.

About TYME

The story of TYME started in 2008 when the CEO Jacynda Smith, made a bold decision to help women be empowered by the way they look.

Her experience as a hairstylist and cosmetologist put her in the room with women who wanted to look and feel better. That’s where Jacynda dreamed of changing the lives of all the women, and TYME was born.

By working hand-in-hand with her brother Kierre Smith, the co-CEO of the company, Jacynda developed the product and patented the TYME Iron, and turned their dream into a reality.

How Does TYME Iron Works?

What Other Product Does TYME Have?

What Other Product Does TYME Have

TYME Iron replaced 5 other hairstyling tools. So after the product was launched, emails came flooding the inbox of Jacynda Smith asking for more products.

The emails stated the need for a hair spray or a thermal protectant, but wasn’t one good hair spray product that Jacynda could recommend.

Therefore, Jacynda started looking for ingredients that all big hair spray brands use. Finally, she made the magical “Limitless Universal Spary” using 4 components, namely:

1. Baobab Tree Extract

This is a multifunctional protein that targets the key signs of aging. It helps in repairing the damage, protects the hair from UV rays damage, strengthens the hair, and nourishes dry hair.

2. Guar

This ingredient is extracted from a plant. It helps in providing conditioning properties to the hair leaving them smooth and manageable.

3. Honeyqaut

It penetrates deep into the hair, providing long-lasting moisture. It also gives a clean, conditioned feel and enhances the hair to shine and luster due to its smoothening properties.

4. Panthenol

Panthenol helps in the promotion of natural keratinization and scalp moisturization. It penetrates into hair to regulate moisture and decrease damage and brittleness.

By mixing and matching all these ingredients, Jacynda Smith created a product that was more than just a thermal protectant. The Limitless Universal Spray then was launched in 2017 and around 10,000 customers have used this magical hair spray as their

  • Mousse
  • Texturizer
  • Gel Detangle Product
  • Air Dry Spray
  • Shine Spray and
  • Thermal Protectant

Who Owns TYME Iron Now?

TYME is a small family-owned business created from a crazy idea to help women feel confident in the way they look.

As we know, it was founded by CEO Jacynda Smith and later Kierre Smith, her brother became the co-CEO of the company.

Therefore, to this day, TYME Iron is owned by both the CEOs.

Why Is TYME Iron Closing?

TYME Iron is a product that became a popular choice for people in no time. Many companies even duped the products and sold cheap quality of TYME Iron. However, the reason behind why the company closed its doors is still unknown.

The closure was announced by the CEO Jacynda Smith, and it was made official on November 1st, 2023. She states that we have made the tough decision to close the doors of TYME. So if you have purchased a returnable item before November 1, we will honor the free return policy.

However, the items purchased after November 1st, 2023, shall not be entitled for return and deemed as the final sale.


So, overall, the answer to ‘Why is TYME Iron closing?’ is quite difficult to answer as there is no information on the reason why, but the company made it official that they are closing its doors.

So, despite the popularity of TYME Iron the company has finally decided to close its business on November 1, 2023.


Is TYME Iron worth it?

Yes, TYME Iron is an excellent product for frequent travelers who pack light or someone who is looking for one tool to get them through working days, night outs, or special events. This product is also for someone who has limited bathroom storage.

What is TYME Iron?

TYME Iron is an all-in-one hair curling, waving, and straightening tool.

Does TYME Iron works on short hair?

Yes, TYME Iron is designed to work on all types of hair and lengths, including hair that is only an inch long.

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