Xfinity Franchise Cost, Fees & Requirement 2024

Have you noticed many Xfinity stores across the United States and are thinking about opening one?

After all, it is not a bad idea. Everyone these days need internet services, cable television, and other wireless services, so it could be a good investment.

But is it possible for you to join the Xfinity franchise? In this article, we’ll learn more about Xfinity to understand whether or not it is possible for a franchise partner to get into business with the main company and become the franchise owner of an Xfinity retail store.

Xfinity Franchise
Xfinity Franchise

About Xfinity

As you may already know, if you live in the United States, Xfinity is a company that provides telecommunication services.

In particular, they provide internet services, landline telephones, cable television, home security and automation, and mobile phone services.

Xfinity isn’t, however, the name of the company; it’s the name of the service they provide. The company that distributes Xfinity services is Comcast.

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History Of The Xfinity franchise

History Of The Xfinity franchise

As we’ve just mentioned, Xfinity is the name Comcast gave to its offer of services.

The re-branding happened in 2010, after a period during which Comcast was accused of many disservices.

They wanted to sidestep the negativity they had accumulated by completely revolutionizing their offers, starting from their name.

Comcast, or more precisely Comcast corporation exists since 1969. They started as a small cable operator and grew very quickly: in 1972, they went public.

Over the years, the company followed the development of technology and was capable of widening its offer of services: it became a landline telephone service provider and then an internet and mobile phone services provider.

Today, it is one of the largest cable providers in the United States.

Xfinity Franchise Business Model

Xfinity is a telecommunication service provider, and they have retail stores spread over the country.

In this store, users are able to sign service contracts, receive assistance, and buy products. However, the owners of these retail shops are not franchise partners of the main company. 

The company, Comcast, runs its stores directly, so, unfortunately, you do not have the possibility of opening one.

Business ModelTelecommunication service provider
Initial InvestmentNone
Franchise FeeNone
Number of outlets50
Current Finance$186.95 billion

How Much Does It Cost To Open An Xfinity Store?

Unfortunately, you can’t open an Xfinity store. It’s a shame because the investment could have been very convenient: Xfinity retail store can also be very small and offer assistance and sell services so that you don’t need to buy supplies and you only need a desk, computer, and a couple of chairs for furniture.

However, this is not possible, so it makes no sense to estimate how much it would cost to open an Xfinity store.


You can’t open an Xfinity store, so there are no requirements for candidates. The only way to work with Xfinity is to have them hire you. 

Training & Support

Xfinity (and Comcast) provide training and support to their employees and their managers. But they are all employees of the company.

No one external is allowed to use the brand name or open a service provider retail store as a franchise partner.

Obligations & Restrictions

Xfinity Obligations & Restrictions

Those who manage Xfinity stores are Comcast employees or employees of other companies that sign a contract with Comcast.

They need to follow their company’s directions as they receive a payroll for them.

This is the only way of getting to manage an Xfinity store; you can’t become the owner of one because, as we said many times, Xfinity is not a franchise.

Terms Of Agreement & Renewal

Because Xfinity is not a franchise, you can’t get into business and sign a contract with them. 

Financial Assistance

Xfinity is not open to franchise partners, and they do not provide any type of financial assistance.

Comparison Franchise: Xfinity VS Sparklight

Service providedTelecommunicationInternet
Number of Outlets5070
Franchise FeeNoneNone


Although you might see several Xfinity stores in the United States, it shouldn’t make you think that Xfinity is a franchise because it is not.

You can’t open a franchise Xfinity store or service-providing point.

It is not a huge deal because the services Xfinity provides are available online today: more and more people prefer to deal with telephone and mobile contracts online rather than going to a store.

It means that this type of retail store is becoming less and less successful.

Xfinity franchise: FAQ

Is Xfinity a franchise or a chain?

Xfinity is a telecommunication service provider, and they have opened some stores in different locations in the country.

It is not a chain, and it is not a franchise. The stores are locations where users can receive assistance and purchase their services, but Xfinity remains a service provider.

Who is the owner of Xfinity?

Xfinity service is provided by Comcast, one of the biggest companies in the United States active in the telecommunication sector.

How many Xfinity service points are there?

There are more than 50 Xfinity service points spread throughout the United States.

Is Xfinity a good investment?

You can’t directly invest in Xfinity. However, opening a store wouldn’t be the best investment even if you could.

Online service providers are growing while physical ones are counting fewer and fewer users every year.

Is the Xfinity franchise worth it?

Because Xfinity is not open to franchise partners, we can’t say whether it is worth it or not.

We can observe, as we’ve already had, that physical stores for this kind of service are less and less useful since users can obtain the same services online.

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