Zaxby’s Franchise

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Zaxby's Franchise
Zaxby’s Franchise

About Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s is known for its lip-smacking chicken; they also offer wings, sandwiches, and salads. And their specialty is waffle fries which have this unique flavor of garlic.

It is also known as bae waffle. Zaxby’s deliver what they promise but strive to deliver more than expected.

They embrace change as it allows them to improve and achieve excellence.

Zaxby’s started with the concept of serving good chicken and Zax sauce’s unrivaled flavor. They built a culture around a desire to enrich the lives of others.

History Of Zaxby’s

Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley founded Zaxby’s in Statesboro, Georgia in 1990.

Furthermore, In 1994, Zaxby’s first restaurant opened outside of Georgia in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

In 2013, they expanded their restaurant outside of Southeastern United States in Utah.

As of today, Zaxby’s has locations in 17 States of the United States of America, and there are more than 900 franchise stores of Zaxby’s.

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Zaxby’s Franchise Model      

Initial Investment$284,000- $664,300
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets900 Units

Term Of Agreement & Renewal Of Zaxby’s Franchise

The Length of the Franchise term is ten years from the restaurant’s opening date.

They allow franchisees to renew the term for one additional successive 10-year term. It also depends on your performance.

The Opportunity 

You will coordinate as an independent franchise business as a Zaxby’s Franchisee.

Still, you will benefit from being a part of a Brand that has shown consistent growth and success in various markets around the Southeast.

You’ll get a comprehensive collection of operating manuals as well as a lot of marketing materials.

ZFL currently has an annual conference and assigns an operational consultant to each franchisee.

Zaxby’s will assist in real estate, architectural construction, and engineering.

Business Model & Profit Of Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s provides a quick license for casual dining restaurants featuring an upscale menu consisting primarily of chicken finger and, in addition, nine distinct sauces, countless z-words, and signature sandwiches.

They focus on prepared-to-order menu items using real chicken. As with any business, profits are also proportionate to investment.

So, the profit of Zaxby’s franchises depends on various factors like the demand of your product, labor cost, commercial lease rates, etc.

Moreover, you can earn well from Zaxby’s because they have already earned their goodwill in the market.   

Why Own A Zaxby’s Franchise?

Zaxby’s has always been the perfect blend of delicious food, a welcoming atmosphere, and friendly people who care about one another.

It turns out that those qualities transfer into client loyalty as well. One of their key goals has been to preserve its personality carefully over the years.

Training Of Zaxby’s Franchise

The Training programs consist of three phases: The restaurant basics norms, the core management of Training, and the last phase- culture and leadership fundamental.

Phase one and two are conducted online through Zaxby’s university, which is available all the time.

And phase three is conducted at the franchisor office in Athens, Georgia, or, as its sole option, online. And the duration of the phase is two or three weeks.

Advertising Campaigns 

You might not be able to afford to hire dozens of famous people to market your restaurant. When you’re a part of the Zaxby’s family, though, you’re a part of a family that can.

They’re starting to get a lot of attention, with hundreds of restaurants increasing.

Our cuisine is featured prominently in their national advertising campaign, which involves several well-known celebrities endorsing it.

Partnerships with a charity such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation also assist us in communicating our values through marketing.

Operations Consultant

Zaxby’s franchisee is assigned an Operations Consultant who can assist you whenever you need it.

They work with franchisee management teams to schedule training, equipment, and system support to give customers the greatest possible experience.

Additionally, through a thorough inspection process, our team aids each Zaxby’s site in identifying areas of opportunity and strengthening their foundation for a successful operation.

Zaxby’s Comparison

Founded In20161946
Initial Investment$30,000-$35,000$342,990-$1,982,225
Total Outlet452,700
Annual Revenue$1.996 Billion$10 Billion


Is Raising Cane's and Zaxby's the same?

No, they both are different; Zaxby’s has a more extensive menu than Cane’s. Zaxby’s serves chicken wings, salad, and waffles as well, while Cane’s does only chicken strips.

What is the cheapest meal at Zaxby's?

The cheapest meal at Zaxby’s is $1.09 for Chicken Finger.

What's the most popular thing to order at Zaxby's?

The chicken fingers with the Texas toast are the most popular and demandable things at Zaxby’s.

Where does Zaxby's stand in the rankings?

Zaxby’s ranks 111th overall but first in the restaurant’s category compared to its competitors.

Is there a secret menu at Zaxby's?

Although the Zaxby’s Secret Menu is small, there are still menu hacks to discover.

Is there holiday pay at Zaxby's?

You are not compensated for your vacation time.

Is Zaxby's a Franchise?

Yes, Zaxby’s is one of the most famous franchise restaurants in the U.S and has more than 900 units across the nation.

How much does a Zaxby's franchise cost?

Zaxby’s requires a franchise fee of up to $35,000 with a total investment of $284,000- $664,300

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